In the 1950s and 60s women discovered the magic of taping up their hair in order to train it to stay in the big, stylish hairdos of the day. This beauty phenomenon helped thousands of women train their locks with a simple, overnight trick. 

We've taken this tried-and-true beauty trick and applied it to the unruly eyebrows of today.

Many women struggle every day with their misshapen and mismatched eyebrows.  Even the strongest eyebrow shaping products on market - eyebrow waxes and gels - only go so far. They don't have the strength behind them to tame the unruly hairs all day. Like our grandmas, we know deep down that we need more than surface products to shape our hair. 

We're embracing natural-looking, shapely and tame brows at Overnight Brows. Don't let your eyebrow hairs control you - train them into shapely arches that hold all day long. 

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Grandma Knew


Our serum is a product of years of scientific research into what stimulates hair growth at the root. The main secret to our serum is our adult stem cell derived Growth Factors.

Your body is already full of Growth Factors. They tell your cells how to function properly and invigorate each cell to do their job well. Unfortunately, as we age, these Growth Factors age, too. Once the Growth Factors around our hair follicles loose their power, so does our hair growth. The result is sparse, thin, and patchy brows.

Our serum contains a whopping 12 growth factors that have been chosen for their scientifically-proven ability to awaken eyebrow hair growth. These 12 Growth Factors target the cells around each hair follicle, re-awakening them to create healthy, thick hair.  

In addition to these growth factors, our serum is full of nutrient-rich polybotanicals. Our polybotanicals have been chosen to be the helpers for our Growth Factors in supporting healthy hair growth. Polybotanicals have been proven to reduce inflammation (leading to cell death), stimulate hair growth, and deliver essential nutrients to each hair follicle. Naturally derived from plants, polybotanicals are the perfect choice to come alongside our powerful Growth Factors in helping restore your brows to a healthy state. 

Experience a healthier road to fuller brows with Overnight Brows Growth Serum.